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Andres Valloud talks about education, training and their ramifications. This paragraph jumped out at me:

“Then you have to consider this. It is well known that as new parts of our brain develop, they will die off or not activate later on if they are not stimulated at the right time. In other words: do a lot of multiple choice tests while your brain is still developing, and guess what will you train yourself to do. Even worse: what you are causing yourself not to be?”

Nothing drives me more crazy then when I hear someone say “I don’t know how to do it.” There is no desire to open a book (manual), think about a problem and possible solution or to even try something they haven’t been spoon fed. And, I’m not necessarily talking about the youth of today. I hear this from people older then my generation (I’m almost 40). Maybe it’s because I work with computers and I hear it more often because, as Andres mentions, those who “have this ability to perform their incomprehensible “magic”, are called geniuses.”

Contrary to my multiple-choice upbringing, I’m never satisfied with just using something without, at least conceptually, understanding how it works. And believe me, it doesn’t take much effort to get a basic understanding of how stuff works. Of course, it might require you to switch from Court TV to the Discovery Channel.