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Working by the Seaside

For a long time I’ve wished I could get a programming job using Smalltalk, but, since I’m so new to Smalltalk I doubt that will happen for a while. So, I’ve decided to manufacture one for myself.

You see, at the company I work for I’m the Information Technology Manager. I’ve been kicking around the idea of making our intranet a bit more dynamic in it’s content. Right now we only have static content on it. I’ve been thinking about implementing some application like content (expense report entry, time sheet entry, etc.) on the intranet to try to get internal users to use the intranet more.

I “tossed and turned” over what I should use to develop these dynamic applications. My main choice was between PHP and Seaside. Neither my staff nor myself know anything of great significance about either (although I do know a bit about Smalltalk). In a moment of insanity I actually thought about going with PHP, because, for my staff’s sake, its more “mainstream”. After thinking about it a little further I decided to go with Seaside because while Smalltalk and Seaside are at this point a bit niche, I, in all good conscience can’t choose to go with an inferior language and I can’t choose to throw away a framework like Seaside.

So, I’m going ahead with Seaside and my staff will have to learn to love Smalltalk like I do.