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Safari 4 Beta First Impression

I just got around to installing Safari 4 Beta today and I have to say, I’m not hating it.

All I’ll say about the tabs on the top is they aren’t too bad. Of course, I don’t keep a lot of tabs open at once anyway so I haven’t hit the dreaded “accidental close” problem yet.

Enough about that. Two things I do like are that it doesn’t seem to be eating up memory like crazy and Silverlight works better.

In Safari 3 I noticed that memory usage would just keep going up and up until I restarted Safari. I never reached a condition where I was thrashing so I imagine that if I got to a situation where something needed the memory it would clean it up but it is still disconcerting.

As far as Silverlight goes, I spend a lot of my time watching movies on-line on Netflix (I highly recommend it). Under Safari 3 it seemed to have a problem allocating more memory to Silverlight and the video of the movie would stutter (but the audio would continue). It isn’t any fun trying to watch an action movie with 5% of the action missing. I had to resort to using Firefox to get my Netflix fix. I did a quick test today on a movie I watched previously that had problems and didn’t have any loss of video. Now I don’t have to live in two browser worlds.

See, Safari Beta 4 isn’t all bad despite what other’s have written!