Apple’s $99 iPhone OS Upgrade

I’ve heard of people actually joining the iPhone Developer program, and paying the $99 fee for that priviledge, who aren’t developers and don’t have any intention of developing just to get iPhone OS 3.0 a few months early. While I think the changes in the OS are good and I won’t hesitate to spend the $9.95 to upgrade my Touch, I wonder what the intense attraction is that would provoke them to spend half to a third of the original purchase price on an OS upgrade.

I also wonder if this was a calculated move on Apple’s part to see just how far their fans would go. I hope  that is just the cynic in me talking and not reality but you have to wonder. I think one of Apple’s strategies is frequent “testing of the waters” when it comes to their customers, how their customers react to news and to what lengths customers are willing to go (for example, standing in line outside of an Apple store for a new whatever).


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