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Store and SQLite3

I’m not a fan of PostgreSQL on the Mac. The easiest way to get it working on the Mac is, in my opinion, with PostgreSQL for Mac but I’ve found that 4 out of 5 of the packages they distribute have problems. Besides that, I don’t like the idea of running a database server on my machine just for source code management. So I decided to take a look at Store for SQLite specifically the SQLite3 iteration.

The first problem I encountered was documentation on setting up the Store connection. I finally figured it out by a posting in a forum but I though I’d list out the steps here.

First install the StoreForSQLite3 package from the Cincom Public Repository. If you don’t know how to do this check out the Source Code Management Guide that comes with VisualWorks, under the heading Install Store into VisualWorks. Just in case your curious about what version, I installed version sqlite3-vw7.x 8,mlucassmith and when prompted to load a SQLite3EXDI version I installed sqlite3-vw7.x 9,mkobetic.

Next set up the database tables. This is explained in the Source Code Management Guide under the heading Install the Store database tables. When prompted for a connection set the fields as follows:

  • Interface: select SQLite3Connection
  • Environment: Enter the file name where you want SQLite to store the database. If you just enter a file name, like store.sq3, the file will be stored where the current image is stored. You can enter a fully qualified name, like /Users/Sean/store.sq3 for Mac. I’m assuming the same thing works on Windows and Linux but I haven’t tried it.
  • User Name: I don’t think this is used by SQLite but Store needs it so put your name in
  • Password: can be left blank
  • Table Owner: I left the default of BERN

You’ll probably want to save the connection for later use so hit the Save… button and give it a useful name.

Follow the rest of the instructions for installing the database tables from the Source Code Management Guide.

You should see the tables being built in the Transcript. It goes quick so it may seem like nothing happened but the Transcript will show a successful install if it all worked.

If you go to the folder that you specified for the file (or the folder where the image is) you should see the file. Now you’re in business and can use Store with SQLite.

I messed around with it for a little while and it seems to work fine but I haven’t put it through any serious tests. Has anyone else?


Apple’s Responsibility

A new site has sprung up in the wake of Apple’s decision to forgo the Macworld Conference and Expo after 2009. It is called Silent Keynote and asks all keynote attendees to not clap, cheer or wistle during the keynote to protest Apple’s withdrawal from the event on the grounds that this decision shows that they don’t care about the Apple community.

Apple’s responsibility to the community is not to hang out with friends one week a year. Their responsibility is to produce terrific products for their community to use and tools for developers to innovate on those products 52 weeks a year.