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Since the announcement of the first Android phone last month here has been a lot of talk about it and how it compares to the iPhone in the tech podcasts. What I keep hearing the techies go on about is how the Android phone is going to crush the iPhone because its “open”. Their logic is that since it is an open platform and anyone can write software for it that it will take off.

I wonder, outside of the tech community, how many people care or even know that it is an open platform. The average person on the street just wants something that is a) cool, b) works and c) easy to use. They don’t care or want to care about the underlying platform.

Case in point, the iPod, DRMed music and the iTunes Store. They buy an iPod, they buy a song in iTunes it synchs to the iPod, they listen to it. Who cares that someday, when they choose the follow the inconceivable course of not buying another iPod that they’ll have to burn the music to a CD to get it to work on some other player. We live in the instant gratification society.

The average consumer will buy a iPhone, the geeks will buy and Android phone.