Not alone

Thanks to a fellow blogger I’ve found out I’m not the only one launching into the world of Smalltalk. Dave Cope is talking about using Smalltalk for a project as well.

Through out my investigation phase I’ve always felt like I was way behind the curve in respect to all the other Smalltalkers out there writing and blogging. Half the time I had trouble following what they were talking about and the other half of the time I couldn’t follow it at all. Nice to know I’m not alone in my newness.


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  1. mj on

    I just started diving in myself and am trying to write down interesting things I find. Hopefully we can inspire more people to look into Smalltalk. What pushed me into it was checking out Seaside. There’s such a wealth of knowledge in the environments (especially Squeak with eToys, Croquet, Seaside, etc). It’s made programming fun and challenging again for me. Keep writing!

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